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Terra's Starlight is a modpack developed by TerraStudios for the community. It is Galacticraft based but there are many other mods to mess around with such as: Tinkers' Construct, EnderIO, IC2, Immersive Engineering, and Applied Energistics. The modpack can be played on the official server or in singleplayer. The choice is yours!


The server has a very close community and it is very easy to become a part of it. Everyone is very welcoming. New players will be immediately invited into the groups of other players.


We hope you join the server and have a blast! Thanks for playing Terra's Starlight!




Mod Descriptions



Galacticraft is the main mod we have in this modpack. With Galacticraft, you are able to create rockets and rovers to travel to other planets. Each planet has unique terrain features and dungeons that contain bosses and blueprints for better rockets. The server has a discord where you can follow the space race that is happening between the factions.



Below is the current ModList used by the modpack, Sectioned by Use. Libraries required for mods listed last

Updated: 8/2/2019

Galacticraft & Addons

SpotLight Mod

Galacticraft Addons