Terran Civilization

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Terran Civilization

What is this pack about?:

Terran Civilization is an Immersive Engineering, Create & Minecolonies themed pack.

It is a small tech modpack without all those magic and magical tech stuff.

So no Refined Storage, Botania, teleporters, jetpacks and wireless transmissions!

Nevertheless it still has lots of stuff included to play with and automation is possible, but harder.

The pack is very server friendly, it has landclaim, a wide variety of building blocks and

is designed to be very longlasting as many resources are made renewable (+10 additional IE mineral veins added)


So how to play and what to do?:


Build up your civilization using minecolonies and use Immersive Engineering to help with your developing,

or just create fascinating contraptions with Create! Your choice!

Start an adventure in a realistic created world thanks to Terraforged terrain generation.

Discover many new Biomes and mine trough various stonetypes provide by Biomesoplenty & Quark

Travel the world by foot, minecarts, elytra, horses, boats, cars or plane

Learn how to automate your resources and build your own mobspawner possible because of Apotheosis

Many more things are waiting for you and many other functionalities are hidden in this pack.


And finally:

This modpack, while considered lightweight and small, it is still a very rich content pack

Terran Civilization is made with carefully chosen mods i think fits together. 

If you share the same thought and you like the pack, let me know! :-)


Important: Since Terraforged is included in this pack you need to set the worldgenerator to Terraforged to enjoy the full potential of this pack.




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