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Filename TerraFirmaCraft Reforged-
Uploaded by Verph
Uploaded Apr 13, 2019
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 149.59 MB
Downloads 5,900
MD5 aa6a90f43e0e7d990652e3be8a6d61b8
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- Changed the texture of vanilla chests to a more "stony" look

- You can't obtain vanilla chests anymore, meaning they'll crumble when mined

- Vanilla arrows, bows and torches now automatically convert into their TFC counterparts

- Coloured steel can now be alloyed from the other dark steel variant

- Changed the recipe for the Redstone Lamp to be cheaper to make

- Added the TFC torch to the torch variation type

- Greatwood and Silverwood can now be crafted into treated wood in barrels

- TFC torches can now also be made using coal which will provide 2 torches per piece of coal and stick.

- TFC torches can also ignite other sticks, meaning you won't have to put a stick into a firepit/forge to make another torch

- Buffed Hell Bats' (Nine Hells foci) impact damage, making them more effective against mobs

- Disabled recipe for excavation-, primal- and Portable Hole focis

- Updated NotEnoughIDs to version

- Now using CraftTweaker instead of MineTweaker

- Various other under-the-hood changes

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