TerraFirmaCraft Reloaded

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Filename TerraFirmaCraft Reforged-1.6.5.zip
Uploaded by Verph
Uploaded Feb 22, 2019
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 149.52 MB
Downloads 1,362
MD5 fa60cd392b7d09e2252b0a5bd5a3130a
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


Updated Mods

- Updated TFC Cellars Addon to 1.1


Added Mods

- Added Ender IO
- Added Applied Energistics 2


Removed Mods

- Removed Thermal Expansion
- Removed Thermal Foundation


Other Changes

- Leaving some Psychedelicraft liquids in a TFC barrel will now cause it to turn into vinegar, which can be used to make cheese
- Fixed melting malachite ore in the smeltery outputting iron
- Disable Crafting Station recipe
- Added various brewing recipes to Immersive Engineering
- You can now make plant oil from squeezing various TFC seeds and nuts
- The squeezer can now squeeze fruit and other foods to make juice & other liquids
- The metal press can now be used to make various molds
- The metal press plate recipes have been changed
- You can now make ceramic molds in the blast furnace from Immersive Expansion
- Removed various recipes for seeds from AgriCraft
- Silverwood plank recipes should've been "fixed", meaning you should be able to craft a vis filter
- Added ore dictionary entries to various items
- Updated texture for the hand planer

- Fixed some other recipes related to ores and ingots

- Fixed some gear recipes

- Made silicon press casts & molds
- Most definitely more

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