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termination nation modpack

Some what inspired by RL Craft, this modpack aims to bring a mix of waring villages together with the most terrifying mobs you can get whilst trying to survive.
Make sure Biomes o Plenty is selected for world type.


Pre warning - This was aimed to make it one of the hardest experiences in a Minecraft modpack, after starting this for another reason it has infact turned out to be one of the hardest Modpacks ive ever tried to survive! So be aware, everything is against you!


Villages are full with villagers ready to defend or go to war. 


Dragons, Monsters and Magic Creatures are everywhere. 


Assist your way through the world with guns, power and machines to craft better items.


Please refer to the files for the individual mods used.


Botania has been added for some brewing, along with Biomes o Plenty so make sure to change the world type to Biomes o Plenty.


Use chisel to create a unique base. Mr CrayFish's Furniture mod to furnish it. But choose your home wisely. Any where near a dragon and your done for. Research your home well!


You will find seasons change in the game, along with crazy skies at night. Ive tried to make this super immersive with better sounds, and some of the biggest and hardest mobs I can find.


With all the extra hardness to the world. I thought I would add something to help keep you alive. Craftable guns are available from the Mr Crayfish Gun Mod. They are powerful so i suggest making at least one to carry with your at all times.


How ever guns and tech are not what this pack is all about. In this mythical modpack you will find a large choice of medieval sword. Shields and armour to take on the mobs.

More support will be found on the website soon.


You can also get support on my discord.