The Essence of Everything - Sandbox Edition

251 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 3, 2018 Game Version: 1.7.10

"This pack is primarily about collecting (almost) every item in the game, and later on you must fiddle around with ProjectE to collect the remaining resources you need to get the Ultimate End-Game Items from Avaritia. Will you succeed in getting these items? Or will you cry in despair lamenting about how the costs are astronomically high? Perhaps you are an automation expert and will auto-craft all the items.

The main focuses of this pack are Avaritia, ProjectE and you wanting to hoard items. The ultimate goal is to collect (almost) every item, and all the Avaritia items. Your BFF in this is the Quest Book, as well as your knowledge of the mods supplied. Will you succeed? Or will you fail?

Currently 300 Quests are implemented, more will be added soon." - The Essence of Everything


This pack is like the original, except there are no quests or story. You are free to do whatever you want. Due to this, it won't be updated as often as TEoE but I will try to fix bugs, glitches, etc.


Please send all suggestions and/or any feedback you have in a PM or comment on the Curse or CurseForge page


Please report ALL ISSUES FOUND here or on the GitHub page (I'd prefer if you used the GitHub as I check it more often)


Official Discord Server:


PSA: Several recipes are changed, DO NOT take all these recipes as being the regular recipes! If you want them to return to normal, type /ftb_gamemode set easy


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