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Tekxit 3.14 Pi(e)

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 Beta Completed! Any issues please send your feedback using our discord or reddit :D. 



What type of modpack is Tekxit?

Tekxit is similar to a kitchen sink pack, is a mix from the old modpacks Hexxit and Tekkit. That means that the modpack have some adventure mods, including the aether and twilight forest mods, so you can find dungeons while exploring the world and go to new dimensions. As well as some of the most known tech mods like Ender IO, Build Craft, Industrial craft 2 Classic,etc.


I’m new to the modded experience, is okay to start with this modpack?

Tekxit is not a difficult modpack and in our discord we have some tutorials, tips and tricks so the new players can learn how to play. Also, if you have any question feel free to ask in our discord, we would try to solve your doubts.


How much RAM does the modpack needs?

The Tekxit modpack needs at least 3.5 GB of RAM but we recommend to use between 4 or more GB of RAM to a better experience, so even most of the potato pc can run the modpack :D !!! 


Does this modpack have server support?

Yes, you can either download the server files from the technic page or on our website (links below) and after extracting the files there will be a readme for instructions of how to set it up; We are also teamed up with Bisect Hosting so if you wish to take the easy route or do not have a machine capable of hosting a server you can use code Tekxit at checkout to get 25% off your first month. 


Links to our official sites: Discord / Reddit / Technic / Tekxit Web Page


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