Teddy's World

213 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 11, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2

Ever wanted to play in a wonderful world full of all kinds of creatures? Well, Teddy's World is here!

You may be asking: 

1.What's in Teddy's World?

2.What makes it different from all of the "wonderful worlds"?

3.Who's Teddy?

4.Are you really that insane that you actually named your modpack  after a teddy bear?


Well, I have the answers to all those questions! Except the fourth one... YOU'LL NEVER GET IT OUT OF ME!!!


     Teddy's World is(soon to be) a modpack that includes the most amazing, outstanding, and insane mods in order to make the best experience. It will even include some of my own mods once I can actually find time to make them. Teddy's World includes/will include mods that will help you survive like a boss(for example Immersive Engineering and Mystical Crops), make your world and more beautiful and heart filled place(for example DecoCraft 2 and MineCraft Comes Alive), and just have fun(For example almost EVERY MOD IN THE PACK!!!)


   What makes this world better than all the other worlds in this world of creative minds making creative worlds is that this one has CUSTOM MODS! Okay, so that isn't so different... But it's cool!!!!


    Teddy? well, Teddy is a fictional character I made up who is literally a giant, golden, stuffed teddy bear with a top hat. I even have a YouTube channel based of of him! I am planning on making a mod that doesn't just make the world better or worse(it's a mixture of both) involving Teddy so look out!!!


     I may or may not start up an official server and server starter kit for the modpack, but that will be in the far future. Please enjoy the modpack, whatever version you're playing, and have fun!



Beta is now released!!! It only has the mods made by other people that are pretty common in mod packs. A few odd ones out rather. I will officially start working on the other mods in about a week from release(Release was 11/11/16) and will be making a Let's Play on the pack for my channel here! If you would like to use this mod pack for your own YouTube channel, all you have to do is make sure you put a link to this website in the description and credit my channel(TeddyPlays) in some way(Shout out, link, etc.)


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