This modpack is a tech kitchen sink modpack that also includes elements supporting roleplay and exploration.


Featured mods include Mekanism, Create, PneumaticCraft: Repressurized, Thermal Series, RFTools, AE2, Hostile Neural Networks, and others. These mods offer a variety of ways to generate power, to store and transmit power, fluids, and items, to process materials into new materials, and to create powerful tools, weapons, and contraptions. Some of these mods also add reliable, easy ways to repeatedly harvest enemies so that you're free to build more and explore more without having to hunt down endless zombies and skeletons, like Hostile Neural Networks, PneumaticCraft, and Gateways to Eternity.


Supporting mods include Farmer's Delight, Simple Farming, Tetra, Immersive Armors, Storage Drawers, the Undergarden, Repurposed Structures, Supplementaries, Guard Villagers, Doggie Talents, and more! These mods will appeal to those who enjoy picturesque or exotic locations, the satisfaction of farming and food preparation, and deeper layers of interaction with villages. Villages will continue to be a valuable asset for you, and worth fortifying and protecting alongside your guards, as most of the tech mods also have their own associated villagers and village buildings.


Enemies will be difficult. With Apotheosis, Dungeon Crawl, and Majrusz' Progressive Difficulty as well as modifications to the Ender Dragon and Wither, your powerful tools will be necessary for survival in a harsh world. Good luck out there. Keep your tech close, and your wits closer.


Future releases of this project may include quests and some QoL recipes through KubeJS.