Technological Wonders

72 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 19, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

This modpack is all about adventuring and creating machines. With multiple tech mods (including Mekanism and Thermal Expansion) you can pick a path to play through, or play with them all. With some custom recipes and many config changes, you can be sure you're getting a unique experience.

Many mods are tweaked to make them simpler to understand. Configs have been altered so you only have to worry about one type of any given metal. (If you encounter any issues with this let me know so I can look into it.)


Before long I will start working on a quest book to walk through many of the mods, with rewards that both help you progress in that mod as well as encourage you to mess with others to diversify your ability.



When submitting an issue please give me a link to a Pastebin of the crash report and what you were doing before the crash.


Mod List:

copied from modlist.html file.



Things I'm Working on

Quest Book (HQM)

More Mods

Why there are 2 burn time tooltips... (I think I know why now)


Feel free to suggest changes, (add/remove a mod, change a config, change a recipe or anything else!) I'll gladly credit you in the description if I use your suggestion.


This isn't super balanced either so if you don't like that suggest some balancing for me to add in.


I only own the writing in the quest book, all mods belong it their rightful owners.


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