5,070 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 24, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Technocratica - A progressive "expert" Modpack without Magic.

For those who dislike the magic part in "expert" Modpacks.


  • Contains a Quest Book to guide you through the different progression lines and the final goal to craft the creative items for infinite energy, items, fluids and gases
  • The progression is going to lead you through almost every single mod
  • Be warned if you play this, it will get super grindy and the Mobs aren't your best friends...
  • Also make sure you can see in the dark ;)


You can find images of the different quest chapters in the Screenshots Tab

If you want to suggest things you can use the GitHub issue page or join my Discord Server


Inspired by Enigmatica 2: Expert but taken to another level


To play this pack you should allocate 4-5GB of RAM. Recommended is 6-7GB