Technicians' Survival 2

2,330 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 19, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Survival game play combined with a balanced mix of tech mods. This pack is a designed around the mod PrimalCore and is currently featured on the PrimalCore Development Server, If you would like to play or simply stop by for a chat, Join Us on Discord.


A link to the official server is included in the pack, feel free to join us! The server has x4 long days and nights, sleeping through the night is disabled, as are commands such as /sethome and /back. Beds will set your spawn at any time.


The major ores common to most tech mods generate as rare large scale deposits with the possibility of surface samples giving a clue as to their location. many secondary resources generate in a more standard fashion combined with expanded cave generation.


Tech is generally gated behind early game smelting by way of PrimalCore or Kitsu's ForgeCraft, which will bridge the gap to the larger tech mods.

Custom tools are available through Kitsu's or a combination of Foundry and Tetra.


By default sleeping through the night and the vanilla furnace are both disabled. Setting spawn still works through the use of a bed, and the furnace recipes are meant to be accessed through powered versions of the block in later game. Either setting can be adjusted without breaking the intended game play of the pack.


 Full Playlist Here


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