Technicians' Survival

6,487 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 3, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Survival game play combined with a balanced mix of tech mods. This pack is a designed around the mod PrimalCore and is currently featured on the PrimalCore Development Server, If you would like to play or simply stop by for a chat, Join Us on Discord.


A link to the official server is included in the pack, feel free to join us! The server has x4 long days and nights, sleeping through the night is disabled, as are commands such as /sethome and /back. Beds will set your spawn at any time.


Tinkers Construct is included along side Kitsu's ForgeCraft, however tinkers has several changes: multi-block tools such as hammer and lumber axe are disabled, the smeltery does not double ore, and items like the slime boots are disabled.


Geolosys controls a lot of the vanilla ore worldgen.

PrimalCore Wiki can help with getting started


This video by CScot was made for another pack but covers getting started with the PrimalCore early game



Our aim here is to provide some of the endgame feel of a classic tech pack such as original technic but with a better overall game balance rooted in the survival experience. 



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