Technical Adventuring

101 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 6, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Public Server Coming Soon! Once this pack his 20 downloads i will be opening a public server or if you already ave one pm me and ill come check it out.


all the fun of a Direwolf20 modpack combined with some added adventuring mods to allow even more gamerplay.


Are you tired of reaching endgame and having nothing left to do? Then this is the modpack for you!

With the addition of fire and ice, Rogue like dungeons, and abyssalcraft you now have an adventurers pack to go with your OP Draconic armor. This pack aims to give players the choice of tech progression and adventures.


Weather you want to build a cozy dirt hut, convert a woodland mansion into a home, build a giant oil refinery in the ocean, Build 9x9s for days, or start your own village this pack allows you to do just that. This pack will be updated as time goes on and will have some mods added or removed.


I designed this pack based on my own private server that started as direwolf20 but eventually evolved as we wanted more playability out of immersive engineering and other "expansion" style mods. this mod pack has been running stable for the last 2 months, so i figured its finally time to make it public rather than transferring the whole modpack through google drive to select individuals for testing.



For beefy computers I recommend optifine and the sphax resource pack and its additions


Server notes:

Use the mod files and configs with forge version otherwise you will have issues starting due to mod compatibility with future forge versions.


Mods include:


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