Tea's Pure & Simple Experience

104 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 27, 2021 Game Version: 1.18.1   +1


A simple modpack that focuses on understanding the fundamentals of Vanilla Minecraft with a few Quality of Life mods to make the game fun for both Modded players as well as Vanilla enthusiasts.


  • 1.18 is here! Explore the Deep Dark and experience the future of Minecraft!
  • Build the home of your dreams with Macaw's Suite of mods that add windows, roofing, furniture and much more!
  • Hunt & Tame new mobs in all 3 dimensions with Alex's Mobs.
  • Use Create to make automated... anything! If you can think of it, Create will probably have a way to make it while still feeling Vanilla.
  • Villages now have guards, names, and more professions!
  • Challenge yourself to collect all the statues from Statues Mod!
  • Experience 1.18 with tons of Quality of Life mods! 
  • Big Content, Small Modpack!



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