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- Do you want tech?

- Do you want nice botanics?

- Do you want a somewhat lightweight pack?

If so this might be the pack for you. Syrkanpack 2.0 features:

  • tech-mods like; the Thermal mods, Applied Energistics 2, ComputerCraft, and Immersive engineering
  • Nature Focused mods like; Botania, Agricraft, Oh The Biomes You'll Go
  • Vanilla+ mods like; Quark, Dark Utils, Repurposed Structures, Productive Bees, the different Ironchest/barrel/whatever mods

And let's not forget about mods like Tinkers Construct, MineColonies, and Dark Utilities

On top of all of this, many mods focused on Quality of Life are included. Swing through Grass, Mob Grinding Utils, Mouse- and CarftingTweaks, and many more are all in here.

But this still isn't everything. The mods you would expect any good pack to have are also here; JourneyMap, Just Enough Items (and additions), AppleSkin, and Chisels & Bits.

But this STILL isn't all!

This pack also features AmbientSounds 5 and Sound Physics Remasterd for that ambiance, and Discord Rich Presence and Simple Voice Chat to have more fun with your friends

But this pack doesn't only feature mods for the gameplay
Mods like Spark, Clumps, Fast Furnace and Workbench, Entity Culling, and Flywheel, help you get a smoother experiance while playing, both in singleplayer, and in multiplayer.

For all you server hosters, a file without client-side mods will soon be available