71 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 9, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Small, but also interesting modpak for cool survival in the world of Minecraft. You are waiting for a lot of unknown things and adventures!

Currect version: 3.0.1 (1.12.2)


  • Change of seasons (autumn, winter, spring, summer)
  • Now you have to watch your body temperature, the night can be very cold and hot in the afternoon.
  • Grow your crop every season! Just do not think that you will be able to grow everything at once. For example, some crops grow only in autumn. In spring, summer and autumn you need to collect food supplies for the winter, otherwise you will remain hungry for the whole season.
  • Explore new biomes, because they are here for 60+ and more (including the nether).
  • Craft a variety of new types of tools, armor and weapons!
  • To do beekeeping! Create new types of bees, watch their behavior and collect honey!
  • Create amazing mechanisms! Blast furnaces, coke ovens, mills, generators, etc.
  • Do astrology! Study the different constellations.
  • Explore the long-forgotten ruins of civilizations!
  • Learn the secrets of magic, Thaumcraft and AbyssalCraft!
  • More coming soon..

Soon there will be more adventures.. soon..
Now we are working on a quest book!


The build will continue to be updated, and it is also planned to add a server to play online!
According to our estimates, the build was pretty optimized, but if you find bugs, please let us know!
Have fun!

##The minimum required to play 2 GB of RAM, recommended 3 GB of RAM##


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