SurvivyCraft is a semi-realistic, vanilla+ modpack. It may not have a lot of mods, but they are carefully selected to ensure a good experience and a lot of stuff to do. You can see the main changes to the game below.

The pack is mostly inspired by SevTech Ages, as well as a few other modpacks, to improve the overall game and experience.

This is first release of the pack, and yes there's missing some parts, but they're being worked on, so stay tuned for some "quests" and stuff.

Game Changes

  • Health: The player now only has 3 hearts
  • Hunger: Hunger now takes longer to go down
  • Thirst: The player now has to drink to stay alive
  • Stamina: Instead of hunger being drained by doing stuff, stamina does.
  • Monsters: There's no monsters spawning in the overworld, instead they will only spawn in other dimensions (nether and the end)
  • Animals: To replace the monsters, there's now a bunch of wild life animals, both hostile and passive
  • Temperature: Different temperatures depending on the biome type (beware other dimensions may be lethal without the right equipment)

note: the temperature system is currently disabled.

Does the pack feel a bit bland?

If you think the pack is missing something, let me know what you think. Any suggested mods will be tested and compared to other mods available with the same features/items.

Custom Mods?

In the future there will be added some custom mods (created by myself or others), more about these when they are made. If you're a mod creator and you got an idea for something that may fit the modpack, let me know and maybe we'll figure something out.


If you find any issues, bugs or crashes, let me know and I'll take a look. (please use the issue tracker instead of the comment section)


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