Stumpt Village

28,353 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 21, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

The village has been destroyed and you must rebuild it! Start a farm, then invite other villagers to join you! Your small village will quickly grow into a great city!

Be sure to quickly build some defenses around your village, as the nights can become very dangerous.


This modpack is created for a Youtube series for Stumpt Gamers.


This modpack is centered around Harvest Festival and MineColonies. These are what you'll be using to create your village.

You'll also need to guard your Village from the waves of enemies that come thanks to the Rough Mobs mod.

There is also some adventuring aspects to this as well, with Roguelink Dungeons, Dungeon Tactics, and Bailies Dailies.


Looking for a map? This modpack uses Antique Atlas. You'll need to craft your self the atlas then you'll have an awesome map! (This modpack also includes a resourcepack to colorize the map)


There will be some questing implemented into this modpack, but it is not in the current version. 


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