Strangely Modded

155 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 2, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Strangely Modded is a pack with several mods that aren’t necessarily Vanilla+, but most of which aren't mainstream tech or magic either. Made mostly for friends, but would have really cool PVP and automation.

If you plan on manually adding things to the pack, please consider these general guidelines. 

Good Additions

Crossroads MC

Crossroads is a good mod that was excluded due to being complicated & being tech, but would still be an excellent candidate for manual addition to the pack. It may have custom ore gen compatibility in the future.

Mana and Artifice

Mana & Artifice is another great mod that was excluded because it was a bit too complicated for a pack not meant for it, but if you really like this mod, I would definitely recommend adding it.

Thermal Expansion 

Thermal Expansion is another mod that was excluded due to being mainstream, but doesn't break the balance. The same can not be said for the entire thermal suite, however.


Botania is an interesting mod that may be added in a modified state later, but is not being added now because the flowers are unvanilla and it's too easy to just spam Thermolilies. If you do choose to add this, please consider alternate mana generation.

Nature's Aura 

Nature's Aura is an excellent concept of a mod, but is to much like tech to be featured by default. If, however, you want to add it, you could safely do so without breaking the balance.


This is an excellent mod with loads of possibilities gameplay-wise, but has terrible textures. The gadgets are really fun, if you don't care about textures I definitely recommend this.

Modular Routers

Modular routers has an interesting item transportation, but was excluded so other methods (Namely rats) could be used. If you enjoy this mod or really, really, hate Rats, this is a valid addition to the pack.



Less Good Additions

BOP, BYG, Generic Ecosphere, etc 

Any biome mods that add lots of beautiful biomes but little to no function are unwise additions to the pack, as many of the items will clog up the inventory & have no purpose. Another reason not to include these mods is that the biome count would also be clogged, and finding the both beautiful and functional biomes from Infernal Expansion, Environmental, Atmospheric, and Autumnity could be difficult.


I would not recommend this as an addition to this pack, as it is WAY to overpowered. The tools make Tetra obsolete, the armors make Alex's Mobs and Ice and Fire armor obsolete, and the ore processing makes the interesting chain process possible in this pack obsolete. Possible exception to Generators.

Thermal Innovation 

I would say that this mod is a poor addition to the pack, even if you have Expansion installed. The mining drill makes endgame Tetra obsolete, something I do not want as its endgame is underplayed.

Tinkers Construct 

I know the tools are powerful, and the gadgets are neat, but please just try Tetra. It's fun, I promise.


 Terraforged has a compatibility issue with CaveBiomeAPI, using it will mean you have no cave biomes. Use at your own risk.


 1.18 Port

I know this isn't currently an issue, but it might become one in March, so I want to go ahead and address it. Firstly, a 1.18 port is absolutely something I want to do, as although Caves and Cliffs Backport is excellent, it is lacking the world height changes & some mods have already gone for 1.17 over 1.16. Secondly, a 1.18 port would be a sequel, not an update, and this project would drop support. This sequel might take some time (1-2 months) for me to make. Thirdly, some mods I will list are absolute must-haves for a port.       

All Infernal Studios mods

All Team Abnormals mods, including the new ones.

All of Alex's mob mods


Block Swap + OreTweaker or similar mods.

Crafttweaker + mod addons

The Wild Backport by Blackgear27

Corail Tombstone

Darker Depths

Farmers Delight + davigjung addons

Halogen, or some other Forge Sodium.



Repurposed Structures & accompanying datapacks. ✓


When Dungeons Arise

All YUNG's structure mods.



The modlist is in Relations.



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