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 -This pack is no longer being updated-
As the MIT license states, you may freely use this pack as a base for your own

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Stone and Rust - The World after Villagers


The year is 4135, you are a survivor of a large war between the villagers and the illagers, which led to the latter's victory, plunging the world into corruption and disarray. Nature has reclaimed sprawling cities, with zombies and other creatures of various types inhabiting that. Will you perish, or will you provide?


Stone and Rust is a Hardcore-Lite modpack that serves three purposes:


1. To create a hardcore gameplay experience that is both forgiving but also challenging to returning Minecraft player


2. To re-balance Minecraft's gameplay to attempt to make individual power scaling over time be more stable


3. Provide plenty of new content to enjoy, including firearms, technology of various types, abandoned cities to explore and conquer, and much, much more!


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