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Me And some Team Z members like quest and we are running out of quest ideas so please help up by using the help/idea google form by clicking the blue (click hear) down the page or just click (here)




A Team Z Mod Pack By BUTTERFIELD8 A.K.A. MrButters 


- Gamerboy0622 Logo & Team Z member who helped add mods

- TheBone03 Team Z member who helped add mods

- zexter654 Team Z member who helped add mods

- BUTTERFIELD8 Assembled & configured mod pack / Site & Help Form



Imagine Minecraft as a ball of dough; simple ingredients and shape. This mod is sure to add ingredients to the dough so it keeps it simple feel, but when it is rolled, leaves behind a sensation of warfare, steam powered technology, normal technology, furniture, chisel, carpenter's blocks, and tons more of your favorite mods, so when cooked what would have become a loaf of bread in your steam powered oven, it becomes magnificent cake.

                                                                  ~Gamerboy0622 A.K.A. MrWaffles

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Change Log:

V 1.0 - MC 1.7.10 | Dec/3/2016


    - Added Mod's - Pack Created


V 1.1.1 - MC 1.7.10 | Dec/28/2016

    - Added Mod's

        + Forge Multi Part

        + Open Computers

        + The Twilight Forest 

Coming Soon:


V 1.1.2 - MC 1.7.10 | Sep/30/2017

   - Added Mod's

        + Tropic Craft

        + Biomes O Plenty

        + Aether

    - Will be adding quests soon just an adventure update.


Server File: Request Servers via Google Forum




Server: V 1.0 beta

Mod Pack: V 1.1        (No Server)

MC: 1.7.10        

Server: V 1.1 beta


Mod Pack: 1.1.1        (No Server)

MC: 1.7.10




Mod List:


 New Mod Pack: War Z

As of now I am making a new war mod pack to play with friends I plan this new mod pack to be a more of a multiplayer mod pack. (Link)



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