Spooky Craft

666 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 28, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5  

This modpack won't receive any updates until next Spooky Season, at which time it will have a giant update and include lots of fixes so it's more stable!

BOO! Did I scare you? Probably not, but I guarantee you this modpack will. If you are looking for a horror modpack, a modpack to celebrate the spooky Halloween season, or simply something new, I recommend you install...if you dare.



Set in an autumnal vanilla+ environment, Spookycraft is the definitive Halloween modpack. The Spooky Season has descended upon the lands of Minecraft, and with it comes lots of spookiness, and lots of fallen leaves. In this harrowing world of orange and black, among many other differences, the minimum light level has been removed, blanketing unlit nightscapes or caves in an unforgiving black, just like older Minecraft versions. There are many, many light sources you can get, so hoard them well and always keep them close, because out of this darkness comes...



If you thought the darkness itself was bad enough, wait till you encounter the hundreds of monsters, creatures, beasts, and entities that dwell within it, and sometimes out of it. Many of the vanilla Minecraft mobs also have been spookified in their own ways. In Spookycraft, you must always be alert, keep the time, and check your back, often even in your own home. Some of these mobs are downright terrifying. Obviously they all want your life, a considerable number of them have a grudge against your torches, so remember that spine-chilling threats could lurk around any corner.



Your base isn't just a protection against the horrors of the season, it's also a place to celebrate. Many Halloween-themed items, blocks, and food can be acquired and used to make your base fit for any Halloween Party; with all sorts of decorations and adornments for spookification and most importantly, illumination. Oh, did I mention the music discs? You'll love finding those, just be wary of the nature of which one you put into the jukebox...



This modpack includes all the best mods of dark, wicked, occult, or otherwise spooky magic and alchemical mods. They will aid you in all sorts of ways, as you will know if you have ever played them. Embracing them is an important step on the journey from becoming scared, to feared.


Overworld not scary enough for you? (A complete hypothetical statement let's be real) Then step into one of a host of the most chilling and horrific dimensions the known and unknown universe has to offer! You may even take down some of the many malevolent bosses. Just make sure you're prepared to come out more powerful than you were before, and not as a shell of your former self.




(Or your desired Forge port of Sodium if you can't handle the pack even with optifine, although some visual features won't work. As this is sort of a big pack, 4gb of RAM is the recommended minimum.)


IMPORTANT: Spooky is an understatement, this is actually very scary. If you have a heart condition or wouldn't play any horror game, do not play Spookycraft.



  • Catered selection of 220+ spooky mods
  • 11 custom structures and counting
  • 140 custom music discs, some spookier than others
  • Specially themed menus and other aspects
  • Updates and fixes as I play through it *gulp* and receive reports on the issue tracker
  • More to come:


What's to come in the future:
Hundreds of custom spooky paintings added into the pool of paintings that you can place down from the painting item

(Proper) FTB Quests


An ever-so-slightly remixed Minecraft soundtrack with some spooky accompaniments, maybe even a few additional tracks if that's a thing

Some sort of monster encyclopedia with pages on each mob that unlock when you discover them, but I don't know quite how to get that yet + I don't know how to code Java.


Known issues:
The menu music can only play on the initial title screen, not in any of the submenus

The singleplayer world creation screen is wonky in the more options section

I am seeing things out of the corners of my eyes.


Mods that may possibly be coming (but probably won't):

Orange Lighting (1.17.1 -> 1.16.5)

Boohoo! (1.17.1 -> 1.16.5)
The Midnight (1.15 -> 1.16)

Shadowrite (-> 1.16

Tricksters (1.14 -> 1.16)

Creepy Creepers (1.14 -> 1.16)

No-Holds-Barred Halloween Mod (1.12 -> 1.16) (fat chance)

Hunter's Nightmare (Fabric -> Forge)

Perished Plains (->1.16.5)

Rock Candy

Dead Man's Abyss (1.12 -> 1.16)

ATLCraft Candles (-> 1.16)

Slenderman (1.8 -> 1.16) (fat chance)



Want the camera to have cooler movement? Go to the Camera Overhaul config and set the “Mod Enabled” to “true”.


Not every mod in the pack is spooky, some are just normal mods that’s nice to have in any pack, or fit in well.


If you want to make it super hard core, install the mods Paranoia and Realistic Torches and remove Xaero’s and Hwyla (good look if you try that)


Disclaimer: I am not profiting from this modpack in any way so do not sue please



 boo lol


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