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Spectrum's Ascent


This is the modpack for the Spectrum's Ascent SMP Server! This pack is for adventurous players, players who like to seek mischief and danger. You can explore the wonderous realms within Advent of Ascention, a mod that adds a whole lot of new dimensions and mobs, all with the help of your handy-dandy portable terminal from Applied Energistics 2. Fly away with the Superheroes mod, which adds all kinds of superhero-esque abilities, or discover different methods of transportation with mods from iChun, like the Portal Gun and Morph mod!

The mods we have range from functionality to automation, although we hope to branch out to all the different pack styles, while still running with minimal lag. Please note that this pack does not include any performance-increasing mods like Optifine as of right now, so if you wish to add them, do so at your own risk.

Join us on Discord at for news, updates, and to discuss other server related things!


Note to previous users: We have made a few changes since the technic pack, so be sure to update!
We hope you have a great time with the pack whether you join the server or not, although if you choose to join, we'll always be on the latest version unless noted otherwise on our discord channel or here.



Extra Info:
The following third-party mods are included: