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Soothico 2 is a revamped and remastered edition of Soothico for 1.18, developed by Starhop. It is a fairly lightweight pack, with the only tech mods being Create 0.5 and ComputerCraft.
 Other mods have been added to enhance and enrich the world such as When Dungeons Arise, Farmer's Delight and Alex's Mobs.


While we aim for the pack not to be too difficult, some mods have been adjusted to be more balanced, and other changes made to ensure they work together well such as a custom datapack allowing Ensorcellation enchantments to be used on Tetra tools, and much more!

  • Adjusted recipes to encourage use of Create automation.
  • Easy for beginners and veterans alike, with a guidebook and no overwhelm.
  • A huge array of crops and fruits to farm to keep yourself fed.
  • A 24/7 dedicated server built into the Multiplayer menu!



You can find the full mod list here:



For any questions or issues, feel free to contact us on discord or raise an issue on our GitHub above!


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