489 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 26, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

So. If you've ever done any engineering (which for modded minecraft is unusually often...) you may have head of the KISS principle. Namely; Keep It Simple, Stupid. This refers to avoiding over-complicating things. That is what this modpack is at its core. This is part of an attempt to make as clean, yet broadly functional and fun modpack as possible. In doing so, this has been balanced to also appeal to a wide audience, whether you love mining, crafting, automating, technological creations, or magical fun; this modpack is designed to appeal to you.


On first spawn, you will get two books. Neither is a quest book. One is an Akashic Tome pre-loaded with almost all the in-game documentation in the pack. If lost, it can be crafted using a book and a diamond shapelessly. The second book is a custom Patchouli book, designed to give a nice overview of all the mods which do not ship with in-game documentation, entries are generally brief, but will often provide external links specific wiki's, or other info pages as possible. Hopefully this gives newer players a path to explore more of the available content.


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