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691K Downloads Updated Oct 4, 2022 Created Jul 17, 2020

Improve your graphics and performance with this simple modpack. 1.19.2, but friendlier!

443K Downloads Updated Jul 6, 2022 Created Mar 6, 2021

The Best Vanilla Styled Modpack, with only high quality mods perfectly tuned to play together.

118K Downloads Updated Jul 19, 2022 Created Jan 2, 2022

[1.18] Neat and simple mod-pack focused on Create, flavored with quality mods that enhance creativity...

198K Downloads Updated Aug 6, 2019 Created Aug 2, 2019

A one piece mod pack which adds a number of changes to minecraft to add...

1.4M Downloads Updated Aug 12, 2022 Created Aug 15, 2017

Unofficial Updated Modpack for Hexxit

576K Downloads Updated Sep 21, 2021 Created Feb 26, 2020

Something for everyone I promise! Hybrid pack with some fun twists, Over 750+ Quests and...

2.2M Downloads Updated Apr 8, 2022 Created Nov 26, 2016

This modpack is centered around the genre of games that Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon...

36.7K Downloads Updated Oct 3, 2022 Created Jun 29, 2022

Factorio-style gameplay balanced for Minecraft

405K Downloads Updated Apr 10, 2019 Created Sep 25, 2018

A skyblock based around automation, industrialization and complexity, an Ex Nihilo skyblock based around GregTech.

156K Downloads Updated Jun 29, 2022 Created Mar 26, 2022

Minecraft Create Live 3 is a Modpack created for the german YouTube/Twitch project "Minecraft Create Live...

69.4K Downloads Updated Feb 1, 2022 Created Jan 28, 2022

Nothing New, Just Sounds and Shaders

192K Downloads Updated Mar 26, 2021 Created Jun 21, 2020

One Block Minecraft Survival

74.4K Downloads Updated Sep 27, 2022 Created Aug 26, 2021

FPS Boosting Modpack Featuring Performance Mods!

263K Downloads Updated May 10, 2021 Created Mar 22, 2020

Ever wanted to play one block modded well here it is. data pack and world...

31.9K Downloads Updated Oct 2, 2022 Created Dec 18, 2021

Decorations Mods to play Minecraft with Forge

454K Downloads Updated Oct 1, 2022 Created Jul 26, 2019

For 1.16 and 1.18! Carefully selected mods with a focus on quality over quantity!

238K Downloads Updated Jul 5, 2022 Created Feb 7, 2020

Lighter version of Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons modpack for slow PCs

33.9K Downloads Updated Jul 24, 2022 Created Dec 3, 2021

This is a Modpack based on giving you a fun yet simple experience with the...

38.6K Downloads Updated Aug 28, 2022 Created Aug 22, 2021

Create+ was taken, so I added a space.