Sloth's Hack 'n' Slash Adventure

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Welcome to My First Customized Minecraft Experience! Sloth's Hack 'N' Slash offers you the following,

  1. 1. Jetpack's for covering large distances
  2. 2. Massive Dungeons with awesome loot
  3. 3. Progressive difficulty - The Further you go away from the spawn point
  4. 4. Storage mods
  5. 5. A Simple machine mod based on gears
  6. 6. Teleporter's
  7. 7. Custom items with silent gear mod
  8. 8. level up and get skill points and unlock more custom gear
    9. tons of new weapons, shields and bows all compatible with the level up mod


Recommend World Type:


Biome's O Plenty


Recommended Memory Specs:


4GB, Could change as mods get added
Our Server:
there will be a red X on the right saying incompatibility don't worry to much about that its a forge bug










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