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Welcome to nothing but a singular grass block under your feet.


Server File is an additional file under its version:




How To Start If You Have No Idea: Yes you are supposed to start with nothing. Press "grave" key to open Better Questing GUI. It will take you from there.


Much anticipated 1.10.2 EMC BQ Skyblock is out for beta release. HQM is set up in a way that you don't have to use it to progress, but if you choose to, it has nice gifts and grinds. Also it teaches you the new mods of 1.10.2.  


Permissions and Youtube:

You can freely have a LP and share it in any platform. You can use the pack logo or derivatives in your video title freely. Sending me a PM would be appreciated. 


You CAN'T;

- Copy the logo and use it as your pack logo

- Use the name "Skyexchange" or deritives as 2, 3, remastered, lite etc in your PUBLIC pack without explicitly stated.