Skybalance 2

15,300 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 1, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Skybalance 2 is a medium sized pack packed with great and immersive quests. This pack focuses on how the player can win and lose everything and still start fresh at anytime. Skybalance 2 introduces numeous features that are either never seen before or praticed poorly. Such as starting the player on the most balanced block surprise surprise "Clay Block" and nothing else. Then player will struggle to constantly improving the base. 


Skybalance 2 includes some less used mods such as "Clay Soldiers, ICBM 1.12 and Openblocks" and tries to give them visibility as much as possible with advancement quests.


This pack uses Minecraft advancements (opened by pressing the "L" key) for quests. 

WITH A SOLID ENDING. Yet still if you decide not to end the pack that is your choice.





Skybalance is not a modpack, it's an idea planted into humans minds. Ever since the dawn of humanity mankind always had a single question. whats the wecomanded amoont of d-detodated waaam does a server needs to have how can I make the single best modpack ever created in the universe. Then the god of balance said "let there be clay". And this is their story.




This year's Skybalance took us 1 day. It contains actual doable quests and a well written storyline. The goal of this pack is to follow the advancements until your world becomes its best. 






Sponsored by my mum.



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