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I am working on a Skyblock Modpack based on the Fabric Modloader, it sounds easier than it is, so it could take some time.

It contains quests, tech / magic mods and custom recipes. There is no ExNihilo so the pack will offer other mechanics to get resources.



 Please give Feedback in the Comment section or join our Discord Server (link below)



Stone Age:
In the Stone Age you start to build your island. You collect wood, produce dirt, hammer it into stone. You will also need water. Later you will be able to build a cobblestone generator and improve it with a cobblestone funnel. A mob farm is also essential. After you have received your first iron, a new age opens up for you. Here you will also be able to produce lava and build a nether portal. 

Mechanical Age:
In the Mechanical Age, you build windmills or waterworks to generate mechanical energy. You can use this to double your products from the ores. You can use the grinder to get iron dust, which you need to upgrade your cobblestone funnel to an iron funnel. This gives you access to other raw materials.

Steam Age:
In the Steam Age you are well on the way to industrialization. The way to electrical energy is no longer too far. The Mod Modern Industrialisation will still be with you for a while.

Electricity Age:
From here the gates to practically every technology mod are open to you. You can finally build an ME system for your storage and many automations.

Age of Exploration:
Explore other dimensions or travel to the moon. You have to do a long journey before you can enter the End.


It is important to know that there are seasons in your world. This has some advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, some plants cannot grow in winter, on the other hand, you can get snow and ice during this time of the year.


How to start:

FTB Quests is installed to teach you the mechanics in the modpack.


Milesontes & Major Updates: (Suggestions are very welcome and can be discussed in our Discord)

0.7.x Technical Progression:
Some improvements for the main aspect of the modpack, technical progress. Adding mods that make the way easier. But also any recipe changes to put a few obstacles in the way. One idea would be to add Alloy Forgarys to make it harder to get bronze.

0.8.x Questing Update: Work In Progress
I will write a guide in the form of a quest book to make it easier to play the modpack. But not too easy either! The Rewords won't give you a huge advantage! Of course, you can take the challenge and play through the pack without the quest book.

0.9.x Magic & Sideaspects Update:
This update will add a few magic mods and side aspects. It should give you a few breaks from your exhausting path to technical progress.

1.0.x Bugs and Suggestions:
Hopefully 1.0 will be the first stable version that will be playable from early to late game. However, 1.0.x will focus on fixing problem and maybe implementing some small suggestions. I will also try to backport some features from Sky FABRICation 2 (1.17.1)


Known Issues:

Please report bugs here


Discord AklizBlankCouponCode