Simply ModCraft

408 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 7, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2  

Simply ModCraft (SMC) is a mod pack that increases the overall feel and excitement of vanilla Minecraft by strategically adding mods that change the way you play. Designed to keep you interested in your world to play past the vanilla end game point by using mods such as Tinkers, ProjectE, Draconic Evolution and Draconic Additions. These mods add Tools, weapons, armor and a new boss battle that is way more difficult then the end dragon, so make sure you gear up. This pack isnt all about endgame and battles, there is also a well balance amount of quality of life and tech mods ranging for AE-AE2, Mystical agriculture and many more that allow you to obtain ores easier and a better way to store them. GUI mods such as JEI, JER, Journrymap and Hwyla/Waila that just increase the use ability of this pack by telling you what a block is by looking at it, seeing all the different creating recipes and every bock in the game. Easily search and fined what you are looking for with JEI and JER. This modpack is very simple and easy to get started.


 If you download the latest version of the modpack (1.0.1) you no longer need to download the mods bellow



You will have to download these 6 mods as well for some

reason Curse wont let me add them into the pack, sorry!









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