SimpliCity 3

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Welcome To SimpliCity 3


This pack has always aimed to bring a more mechanical feel to the world of Minecraft while keeping the PC requirements lower. Utilizing Minecolones and Create, you can bring your creation to life with moving parts and interactive colonies. With the advancements in Minecraft 1.18, this brings the chance for larger more expansive builds!  Will you fill the depths of the caves with a bustling village? or maybe up on the cliffs with some catwalks to prevent deadly drops?


15 Dec: With the recent 1.18 launch, and 2 key mods (Minecolonies and Create) available, now is the perfect time to launch this.  Once Immersive Engineering and a quality food mod is available, it will be added to the list! 


21 Dec: Updated to 1.18.1 adding in Immersive Engineering and Farmers Delight!


 Current Mod List


This pack is being developed for the community and by the community. I am actively looking for folks to help me put this pack through its paces so a quality product can be launched! 
See the development and join in the fun:


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