Sigil SMP Official Modpack

89 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 30, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.1   +1

Normal is boring, spice up your Minecraft experience with this modpack (ok phil swift -K)


  • A wide selection of Origins mods like Origins: Classes, Genesis Origins, Mushroom Origins, etc.
  • Technology, storage, and backpack mods
  • New enchantments, fishing items, armor, and ore
  • Tons of custom furniture and building blocks from many different mods
  • More food and crops from Croptopia
  • More companions like capybaras, caracals, rats, and bats
  • More llamas, axolotls, apple cows, mobs from Earth2Java, and Better Animals Plus
  • New mounts from Mythic Mounts and MegaParrots
  • Custom NPCs, custom chat nicknames, and ability to stop pets from teleporting
  • An improved nether, better cave generation, more biomes, and the Bumblezone dimension
  • Features from the 1.19 Wild update, including the copper golem as well
  • Many immersion mods such as This Rocks!, Vanity Slots, Falling Leaves, BackSlot, and more
  • An improved client experience with Sodium, Better Third Person, GoProne, and AppleSkin


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