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SGP Experimental - Minecraft Modpack

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SGP Modpacks are a collection of aesthetically pleasing, high performance and meticulously crafted modpacks for Minecraft 1.9 and above.

Meet Experimental, it's the bleeding edge of everything we create. It contains the latest mods, regardless of stability, to help iron out all the issues for the other SGP Modpacks. We encourages players to try out Experimental, but with caution as stability is not a guarantee with this modpack.

DISCLAIMER: To ensure the smoothest gameplay experience, please use the latest version of Java 8 and allocate a minimum of 4GB of RAM to Minecraft.

Mod List

Experimental contains the following mods in the latest version:


Experimental is installed using the Twitch Desktop App. The Twitch App can be downloaded from their website and installation instructions for packs in the app can be found in this article on the Twitch support website.

Bugs & Feedback

Are you experiencing issues or have a suggestion to make? Then let us know on our GitHub feedback repository. Be sure to give in-depth details of the issue you're experiencing to help us fix issues more quickly. Give Feedback.


Changelogs for Experimental are available for each release under the files tab. They are also shipped with each version in the file.

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