Project: Servo - Chapter 4

629 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 1, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.3


Project: Servo - Chapter 4 is a Modpack that includes many 1.16.4 mods, new one and old one. This Modpack currently not Including a Quest Book or some like this. Do what you do and Explore the World and build huge machines. And Post us you Best Maps/Bases on the Discord down Below :).


We need to wait for some mods for the next update, because the newer Forge versions.

Pls notice:
Servo 1 (v1.x.x), Servo 2 (v2.x.x), Servo 3 (v3.x.x) and Servo 4 (v4.x.x) are NOT compatible with each other!


If you need a server, we can upload the server files on request.


If you have an issue report it here on our Discord: Click here to Join the Server.



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ferrixx is Streaming this Modpack sometimes on Twitch and Uploading some YT Videos where he play the Modpack.


YouTube Playlist [ferrixx]: ferrixx
Twitch Channel: ferrixx

Under every modpack file :)


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