Semi-Vanilla pack - S-V

1,036 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 26, 2017 Game Version: 1.12

A collection of client-side only mods to improve your experience anywhere!

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S-V is a Minecraft modpack, the purpose of which is to add features to make your experience more pleasant, such as:

  • Seeing the health of any player or creature.
  • Viewing the recipe for any item/block with a single click.
  • Viewing a map of everywhere you have been.*
  • Seeing how close your armo(u)r and tools are to breaking at a glance.
  • Sorting out spam from the chat.
  • Translating foreign chat in real time, and via a GUI sending messages back. (This mod has broken)
  • Preventing potion particles from appearing in your face.*
  • Fixing invalid session errors without restarting.
  • Music playing based on where you are.**
  • Changing your font.*
  • Putting pictures on signs (Only you and others with the mod see it)
  • And many other features.

And all this works with any normal Minecraft server compatible with 1.12.*

Sometimes servers may dis-approve of some mods, or ban all mods regardless of usage.
In which case you must either tweak or disable them to follow guidelines.

Please configure or disable mods to where they aren't against the rules of the server you're playing on, or you may be banned, it isn't my fault if you don't listen to the rules and this warning.

*These features are disabled by default, enable the respective mods post-install.
**This is only if you both enable ActualMusic and add music tracks to it's config.
And the mod author wishes that you do not report bugs/crashes for the 1.12 version of the mod.


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