Seablock: Rustic Waters

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Filename Seablock Rustic
Uploaded by Boolyman
Uploaded Nov 24, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 39.09 MB
Downloads 16,321
MD5 1ef5b9716a2da34be14d304d1ac8c963
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions



-Updated a handful of mods, including Rats, to fix some bugs and console spam.
-Removed conflicting barley flour recipe
-Giga Pickle and Grape seeds should now trigger proper credit in the quest book
-Added Giga Pickle and Giga Pickle seed recipe
-Removed incorrect Soularium recipe from the IE Arc Furnace
-Alloy Ingots made in the IE Kiln can now be turned to plates on the Chef Rat.
-The Wallet recipe now has ore dicted dye component so turds can be used
-Fixed Compressed potatoes conflict


-Fixed dupe bug with treasure chests
-Fixed Energetic Infuser coming before Power Cell quest for Submarine.
-Removed Jetpack flare quest reward
-EnderIO Conduit Facades are now avaialble from the Sea Merchant
-Fixed Rat Planter upgrade only accepting Embers hoes.
-Removed redundant refinery recipes for diesel
-Fixed issue with cropsticks on farmland for servers... I think.
-Fixed Tiny Item Input/Output recipe conflict
-Mutton now added to Assorted Farm Good crafte recipe
-Hostile mobs should no longer spawn in Paradise
-Passive mob spawns have been fixed in Paradise

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Seablock Rustic Waters 1.2 Server 220.99 MB Nov 24, 2019

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