Sbeev's Industrial Revolution

Unofficial modpack based on Sbeev's Industrial Revolution Series


the video where the modpack is based of:




# Features

- More Immersive Gameplay, no more tree punching with hand
- Thirst and Temperature
- Complete Passive Animal Overhaul
- Polutions from the combustion of various fuels
- Add over 60 Stunning new biomes
- Overhauled the Farming System by adding a lot of Crops and Other things related to food
- Over 100 New Furniture and most of them are usable
- Actually Flowing Rivers.
- Trains, like a real train
- Realistic Tree!
- Diet System that make you eat variety of food
- A lot of cool features from the glorious Quark mod
- Seasons and Weather
- Steampunk-Realism Inspired Machine and Technology


# Sponsor

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# Installation

# Client

GDLauncher: Adds a new instances using the "+" button, select the CurseForge tab, search for "Sbeev's Industrial Revolution", download latest

MultiMC: Download the modpack file, click add instance, click import zip, then import the zip file you just downloaded

CurseForge Launcher: Search for "Sbeev's Industrial Revolution" and hit install

# Server

Download the server file, extract it, then launch it, it's already have all the server file required


# Information

- Sbeev put a modified version of the modpack with a few extra features on his patreon (behind a paywall), therefore i won't be posting that modified version of the modpack here

- There's an issue with dynamic surroundings and animania, for fix you can disable animania module (speechbubles) in dynamic surroundings config file, or you can just remove dynamic surroundings

if your game crashes then the crash message sound like this: 

The game crashed whilst rendering entity in world
Error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/animania/common/entities/sheep/EntityEweBase
Exit Code: -1

then this is how to fix it

- Optifine has to be installed manually if you want to play with it, as curseforge doesn't allow it in modpacks
- modlist: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/sbeevs-industrial-revolution/relations/dependencies

- this pack is a bit tweaked from the original Sbeev's Modpack, i added a couple Quality of life mods
- 4gb ram allocated to minecraft is reccomended, higher is better, but don't go past 10gb

- if you only want the mod and config folder, just download the server pack

- As of version 1.2.2, Sbeev's Industrial Revolution has reached it's final version, there will be no more updates except for critical bug fixes


# Credit


Sbeev - original creator of the modpack, also epic youtuber (seriously, go subscribe to him, he has pog content, he also have patreon and twitter)


Mr Soncal (NBT_ScDpro) - creator of the epic custom main menu

go join sbeev's discord:


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