Sapphire's Adventures

162 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 3, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

     This is a modpack made by yours truly, SapphirePenguin. Ever since I started playing minecraft, I've always wanted to see what survival mode minecraft could be like.  The modpack is made for those who are great at pvp, have great memory, and would love a good adventure. Some features of the modpack would be crazy nights full of invisible mobs, and skeleton. Also, you CAN'T use regular tools, you can only use tinkers construct tool, and you can level up your tools to get more modifiers. Another interesting feature is the future of quests. Currently, there are no quests, but there will be a beginning quest to get you on your right track, and an ending quest to make sure you've done everything I wanted you to do and also add an official ending. Good luck on your first night!


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