Rynzii's PokeWars

1,790 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 30, 2016 Game Version: 1.10

New Village


PokeCube Merchant


Purchase all the pokeballs


Meet shady villagers


Although this pack is being made for my personal server, I think anyone would enjoy this pack who enjoys adventure, farming, magic, and technology with all the new 1.10 content. *A bit of warning, 1.10 is not stable and all bugs should be reported to the mod authors not me. Below, is a mod list with links to the mod author's projects and to their bug report pages. Please enjoy, and go catch all the pokemon! :D


Server is whitelisted but we have discord chat https://discord.gg/013kXumzvq0u9gl06 Only mature players will be considered. Thanks!


Actually Additions

Agricultural Expansion

Auto Packager



 Better Builder's Wands

 Biomes O' Plenty

 Blood Magic

 Botania Unofficial




 Chisels & Bits

 Cooking for Blockheads

 Custom Backgrounds


 Deep Resonance



 Ender IO



 Extra Utilties

 Flat Colored Blocks

 Food Expansion


 GraveStone Mod

 Industrial Craft

 Inventory Pets

 Iron Chests

 Journeys Map Unlimited

 Just enough Items

 Just Enough Resources





 More Furnaces

 More Overlays


 Nether Metals

 Nether Portal Fix

 Open Computers

 Packing Tape

 Parachute Mod

 Planttech: First Buds

 Pokecube Revival

 Pokecube Core

 Pokecube Mobs

 Random Utiltities

 Refined Storage

 Reliquary v1.3


 Storage Drawers

 Super Crafting Frame

 The One probe


 Tinkers Construct

 Vending Blocks


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