I am here today to tell you a story. This story is not like most stories. Most stories tell us the tale of someone creating a world from the lack of a world. This story is different. This story is about leaving the world. About death. About giving up one of the very things that means life itself to us. This is a story of letting the rivers run red. With blood.


Hello everyone, this is Gideon Seymour, and I'm introducing to you my submission for Jam-Packed. Although this is a skyblock, this is different than any skyblock you have ever seen. Don't expect to be sieving for ores, or for that matter, even crafting your logs directly into planks.
This modpack is designed to be different. It's designed to send a message to the players. It is not the intent to create a long and tedious experience that conforms to the standard rules of skyblocks, it is designed to have different mechanics than were ever seen before.


There are lots of tweaks in this pack. NEI is your friend.