RLCraft Recrafted

38,791 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 12, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2  


If you couldn't tell, this pack isn't being updated anymore! Not like I updated it in the first place... But any feedback would be helpful as I'm trying to get better! Thank you all for playing this, and go give Shivaxi the love they deserve!

RLCraft Remastered is a modpack about hardcore survival and tests your skills. RLCR is a hardcore survival exploration based modpack with various amounts of mods. it includes many mods that make the game as difficult as possible. This modpack with 20+ more mods then the original RLCraft!



This modpack requires a LOT of ram, please make sure you don't break your computer trying to run this lol

The original creator is NOT me, I just made a remastered of the modpack
Creator: Shivaxi


If you need any help please contact me on Discord or through email


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