Rewards Lite

92 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 20, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This is a modpack created by Vain474 for the Rewards Gaming Community.


In this pack you will find a small collection of mods focused on enhancing the vanilla minecraft experience without straying too far from it. This pack was created with compatibility in mind for Optifine and shaders (highly recommended!). Get Optifine here.


In your worlds you will find many structures and dungeons to explore. There is also the chance to find almost any vanilla mob in the vanilla dungeon spawners.


Recommended to allocate at least 4GB of RAM for clients and servers.


Some highlights:

- Quark : Many small tweaks and added blocks

- Additional options for storing and transporting items

- Recurrent Complex : Many new random structures to find and explore

- Rougelike Dungeons : Challenge yourself with conquering tiered dungeons and finding loot

- Pam's and Cooking For Blockheads : More foods with some incentive to collect and cook

- Immersive Engineering, Simple Storage Network, and Iron Jetpacks for the tech minded

- Chisel + Chisel and Bits plus many additional blocks to make your bases beautiful

- Dragons drop Elytra and most mobs drop heads, as Hermitcrafters will appreciate


There should be something for everyone in this pack, while still keeping close to the vanilla experience.


If you find any issues please let me know on our discord server here: https://RewardsGaming.Net/discord


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