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Resurgence is a Anarchy modpack created by three Minecraft veterans with a collective passion for tech, automation, and competitive PVP in Minecraft. 

The Official Resurgence server is now live! 24/7 Raiding PvP Allowed IP: play.mcresurgence.com
*FRESH WIPE 04/04/2024* (END DIMENSION WIPES MONTHLY) here we aim to deliver an almost full Anarchy experience, without the drawsbacks of hacks/dupes or cheats.

Discord Contest Announcements — Big Farm - Forum
Our Official discord: https://discord.gg/he7tBSVA3C 
Vote for us: https://minecraft-mp.com/server/330881/vote/ 

                                     (75+ members! Our server has 25+ active in-game daily!)

Steps to joining:

  • Through the CurseForge Launcher search "Resurgence" and download the appropriate modpack
  • Launch "Resurgence" modpack once your download has completed
  • Navigate to the multiplayer menu and add our IP! 'play.mcresurgence.com'


After 10 years of playing, we have seen it all - from industrial war servers, to FTB automation and magic packs. This led us to create a modpack with the capacity for players to create and automate massive bases, but match this creativity with potential for massive destruction and wars. 

Resurgence is intended to equip players with the choice to play however they want. Have fun alone building and destroying, or join other players in an all out war in PvE or PvP! 

With this pack, we hope to bring a balanced experience to players who want to work for their weapons, embrace their creativity, and use critical thinking to build the most efficient automated systems.

Mod list: Thaumcraft 6, Ender IO, Tinker's, Forestry, Better Bees, Thermal expansion, Tech Guns, Redstone Flux, ProjectRed, Extra Utilities 2, Buildcraft RF, AE2 wireless, Applied Energistics, and more mods catering to a war-like experience. (150+ mods that all run smooth together, especially the guns!) See here for full list

We hope you enjoy the Resurgence of machinery and future combat in Minecraft! 



      screenshot image

  • Removed /dank/null recipes
  • Added RESURGENT PVP Stats (Kill Feed / Stealth / Leaderboard mod)
  • Removed thaumic speedup
  • Removed BeeBetterAtBees (not showing in JEI, removing for isolation first)
  • Added Target Dummy
  • Fixed bug where kill feed was not global

Have fun.