Remiscis Pack

264 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 12, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2  

This is a collection of mods written by someone else (I didn't write any of these mods) so credit goes to the author(s) of the respective mods. You'll need to have at least Java version 8 to use all of these mods.

The mods used on Remiscis focus more on added functionality then added items although there are some which do add items. These mods are free to use for personal use but all other uses are subject to the terms of each mods respective license.  We are posting it here to make it easier for those on our server using curse to get the latest mods for the server.

Some of the things we added includes:

Villages normally come in only some biome types. We've added them to more biomes and increased the frequency so they are less rare.

Create customized weapons/tools and upgrade them with tinker construct tables instead of the normal crafting table.

Dungeons with dynamic item and monster spawns

From the inventory screen you can see and search through a list of craftable items and if near a crafting table it will insert needed items from your inventory into the table.

Create blocks of stone/wood with several different design options using chisel.

Make light sources, such as a torch, illuminate everything around them when its equipped/dropped

Change to the player’s visual and audible experience by providing dynamic surroundings. This includes changes like making storm intensity vary, new sounds that change depending on what biome your in (like frogs in swapms), as well as changes to some block types like lava and wood planks to make it more realistic.

See the changelog of the latest version of the pack for a full list of mods with links to get more details on what they do.

We recommend using the latest version of the optifine mod to help you optimize performance and using an hd texture pack like those included in this pack. Curse won't allow us to post links to optifine but we are currently using version 1.10.1_HD_U_D4 which you should be able to find online.



Placeable items is by ferdz. See the mod page for more details.
RFTools Dimension builder allows transporting to multiple dimensions. For more information view the author's MC Forum post.
Inventory Tweaks is by Kobata. View his official website for more info.
to jimeowan for creating inventory the tweaks mod
to cpw and Fostenel for their code contributions to inventory tweaks mod
to inventory tweaks mod translators Ryo567 Aledrobt (Spanish), 0l1vR (German), TH3steven (Dutch), Ezspecial, Ricalou (Portuguese), Hugsim, Doyle3694, Brott (Swedish), JonathanHertz (Danish), Fishy (Polish), Necrontoend, VADemon (Russian), Ricalou, NTWalker (Japanese), IvyMichael, NTWalker (Chinese), and a few more contributors,
Zeldo: for creating CraftingTable III
A lot of textures for Chisel are from the Painterly pack:
AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN: The original authorof chisel
Pokefenn the maintainer for 1.7.10
Asie: Porting the chisel mod to 1.7.2
Cricket: Maintaining chisel mod for 1.7.10.

Special thanks to the authors of the various mods in this pack:

CubeX2, chylex, tterrag1098, Drullkus, Minecreatr, AlgorithmX2, BlayTheNinth, Elec332, abab9579, OreCruncher, sky_01, MinecraftModDevelopment, EuhDawson, Lunatrius, smbarbour, Kobata, techbrew, Towdium, mezz, SSBlur, 456Xander, mDiyo, bunusboni, progwml6, Mcjty, The_WeatherPony, Pigs_FTW, TigerJack10, Ferdz, masa_, Mcjty, Greymerk, gkbm2011, frankboy89722, tokomikea, Jadecat, KnightMiner, oitsjustjose, Lance5057, ProfMobius, hastypixels, UniblueMedia, atomicstryker


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