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Reforged contains many different mobs for all sorts of players 


The pack contains a task book with just over 50 quests, more to be added when I can think of more.


The modpack contains mods like

Serene seasons and touch as nails for a extra challenge 

Many farming mods have been added like Farmer's delight, working with Serene seasons to give you seasonal farming.

For more mystical farming, Mystical agriculture and Agradditions have you covered.

Blood magic, Astral sorcery and Botania for your mystical adventures

Explore the world with biomes o plenty and OTBYG adding almost hundreds of new biomes. Explore underground with 1.17 backported.

The nether has had another update with new features.

The end has been revamped by the better end mod adding for a all new end dimension. And if you get sick of Minecraft's normal dimensions go to the twilight forest or the lost cities, don't fancy you? build your own with rf dimensions.

The pack contains many ways to automate life

Use your ME system from applied energetics to store all your belongings use environmental tech to automate the gathering of ores, use environmental power to generate power for these contraptions along side your extreme reactor.

The games never over until your un-killable and that comes in the form of draconic evolution and its chaos chest-piece.



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