This Modpack contains both productions by Rednsake-Games (Future Pack and Steam Engines Mod), and expanded by available third party Addons and other mods with explicit compatibility. And of course some typical quality of life mods (like JEI). For an full list see the dependencies of the modpack.


The main propose of this pack is the use at our official server (redsnake-games.de:25565), but also feel free to play this pack in any other propose you like.  The official contains that of the Mod authors of us, and the ones that make addons.  This pack uses default configs, but that being said your not just getting a little from it, your getting to be able to hangout with mod makers, and creators of addons for Redsnake-games mods.


The reason this pack was made is so that if you make a mod for future Pack, or Steam Engine Mod, you are able to ask to put it on there server and have it showcased in there servers.  If lets say you have a mod that adds something to Futurepack, or Steam Engine mod, and want some exposure, you can use this pack to play not just on there official servers, but play with the your addon, and the mods needed on your mod to work, and hangout and experiment with it.


This is not a normal pack where it is something you host, you can but not recommended, It is to show off the Futurepack, Steam Engine Mod, and addons for them, pack.