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Redeparted 2 is a remade version of my first modpack, Redeparted.  It's my fourth pack now, with a much larger scope and a much less limited modlist.  Intended for someone not looking to automate, having little-to-no technology, with much of the focus on discovery due to mods like Thaumcraft 6 and Astral Sorcery.  Not that hard of a pack, though the brightness is locked to Moody to try and avoid cheezing the night that easily.


Very little tech, a good amount of tinkers, 5 new dimentions, and a large amount of magic, old and new.  Updates will come if I can see a reason to update, but as of launch I've created the best possible magic pack that I could make for 1.12.2.


I recommend using The Official Connected Textures Pack and Dramatic Skys with this modpack.  They're very unintrusive and make the game feel nicer.


I recommend at least 4GB of RAM to run this pack.  It runs perfectly at 7, which I use, but nothing else has been tested.  Optifine has not been tested either, but errors seem unlikely based on the mods used.  Feedback regarding both subjects are more than welcome, and feedback on anything at all in this pack would be much appreciated as well.


Massive thanks to the modding discord community for helping me recover from two massive road-bumps in the pack, otherwise It'd crash upon startup.  Hope somebody enjoys. quack