Recentibus Survival Re-Imagined.

387 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 5, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

disclaimer: none of the mods in this pack are made by me, all rights to the mods are reserved by the mod creators themselves and this pack is very wip. every mod within the pack is subject to being removed and new mods could be added at any time. with this said, there are currently mods in the works which are custom-made specifically for this modpack which should be added shortly. so be patient and keep a lookout for that. 

disclaimer to the disclaimer: if for any reason you cant get this modpack to work, please contact me about it. im new to making modpacks and so all feedback ultimately, is appreciated. though just try not to overdo it.

the official server is officially down (for now) if anyone wants to set up their own server using the modpack, i will post your IP here and advertise for you. xoxo. right now, there is no server pack. i will post one upon full release, until then you'll have to extract the server-side files and config yourself in order to set up the server. im sorry for the inconvenience

with all of this out of the way i present to you, Recentibus: Survival re-imagined! this mod keeps in lines with vanillas standards in terms of gameplay. you'll find no crazy tech mods or overpowered armor in this mod so if that's what you're looking for i'd suggest looking elsewhere. this mod has a keen focus on reinventing survival minecraft in it's classic style, with many twists and turns along the way. to begin, no more punching down trees and crafting a wooden axe. the very first day is a lot slower than regular minecraft. you need to craft primitive tools using flint and twine and sticks. however, once you get all of this your experience starts to pick up pace as you can chop down trees in one go, and watch them fall down before you harvest them. just... try to watch out for dragons, and never travel the oceans without earplugs ;) anyway the rest is for you to discover, it is strongly recommended you play online with a few friends, so we have set up a server using the pack for exactly that purpose and hope to be seeing you soon. with that, i wish you good luck on all of your future adventures. 

Getting started:
get started by breaking grass, gravel, clay and sand. from here you'll be given basic ingredients to get basic tools, killing small trees and breaking leaves will also help you. after that, you'll figure everything out yourself. just like your first day in minecraft! good luck... you'll need it ;););)

to install: 

in order to install the modpack you'll have to use the twitch launcher, if you dont know how to use this, look it up. it is not my responsibility to inform you on how to use it and any questions regarding how to use it will be ignored. sorry, i just dont have that kind of time.


report it here, i'll respond within a day or so, make sure to post crash reports in pastebin before sending them. problems doesn't necessarily mean crash reports, it can also mean problems with the pacing of the modpack, if you have any suggestions for mods that should be added feel free to suggest them, just know that im super picky about the mods i add so dont be upset if i decide not to add your suggestion. 

We now have a discord! join us, you wont regret it :D 

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